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User Guide & Specifications

Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Wand

The modern-day essential. The Omni Ultraviolet is one of the top-selling UV sanitizer wands in the market. With its curved design and perfect length, it's very easy to hold and can cover more surfaces during sanitization. With the length of its bulb, you can sanitize small items like gadgets, toys, kitchen utensils, as well as bigger ones like chairs, countertops, pillows and electronics. An incredible amount of UV sanitization power packed in a wand.

Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Tower

The perfect stealth UV-C sanitizer. The Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Tower should be in every homeowner's cleaning checklist. Its simple yet sturdy design allows it to maximize corners and blend in with the space interior. This intelligent device can be set to turn off immediately after sanitization or can be managed through remote control. It disinfects an area in the house for 30 minutes and gets rid of mites and other pathogens that are harmful to your health. Truly an essential component to keeping your personal space clean.

Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Bag

The ultimate cleaning bag, the Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Bag lets you clean your everyday essentials in 2 minutes. This bag is made of waterproof material, which allows you to bring it around anywhere or anytime without having to worry about it getting wet. An intuitive design for ease of use, it's the perfect companion to thrive in the new normal.