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Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Bundle Pack

Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Bundle Pack

Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Bundle Pack

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The Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizer Bundle Pack comes with the following:

  • Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Wand
  • Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Tower
  • Omni Ultraviolet™ UV Sanitizing Bag

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Does It Work?

All Omni Ultraviolet™ devices are tested in ISO 17025:2017 certified microbiology labs here in the US and have been demonstrated to be effective in killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Is It Safe?

There have been numerous laboratory studies conducted on UV-C sanitizing devices that demonstrate the safety and effectiveness to be used as a disinfectant. UV-C sanitizers are used across a variety of industries like hotels, hospitals, schools, and food manufacturers to maintain a sterilized environment. When following the instructions outlined in the product manual, Omni Ultraviolet™ UV devices are safe to use. *Do note that the sanitizer should never be directly exposed to eyes and/or skin, as this may cause irritation.

Our Guarantee

Omni Ultraviolet™ is a leading manufacturer of UV-C sanitizing devices that have been extensively covered in the press (NY Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, and countless other publications). We ship from our facilities in California and offer FREE 3 - 5 day shipping and with each purchase, we offer a 1 year warranty. Omni Ultraviolet™ is sold exclusively online through our website and select authorized retailers.

Please note that we’ve seen an increase of imitation products that are now being sold through online sellers on social media platforms. Authentic Omni Ultraviolet™ UV products come in original hard case packaging, shrink wrapped, with a seal of authenticity. Be aware that imitation products likely will not have been tested by ISO certified microbiology labs and have no guarantee of efficacy. Omni Ultraviolet™ UV has been taking appropriate action against these sellers. Further details can be found here. To report an imitation, please email us at b